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This page is for Landlord Services, LLC customers only for credit report access.  Contact us to become a customer.


Trans Union Web Site   FYI  For security reasons, your account will go to inactive status and you will get an error message if you have not logged in within 90 days.  If this happens, please email us at and tell us your account name and we will reactivate it for you.  To avoid this in the future, simply log in and log out within the 90 day time frame.  


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* IMPORTANT INFORMATION. PLEASE READ.  Before ordering a credit report, you must obtain written authorization from your applicant. The authorization must be maintained for 5 years, even if you decline their application. When audited by Landlord Services, if you cannot provide a copy of this authorization, your account will be terminated and you may face other serious penalties for violation of the FCRA.

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